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If you love to read romance/action/paranormal/fantasy, then you must read Damien’s Assassin. The author is Lizzy Ford. Damien’s Assassin is the sequel to Damien’s Oracle. You really need to read the first one so you don’t get lost otherwise Damien’s Assassin won’t make a whole lot of sense because you are introduced to the main characters and their world through the first one Damien’s Oracle.
Just as with the first one, I could not put this book down until I had finished it. It is that good. If you’re looking for a quick read, then I suggest you check her out. She has other works you can also read on her website. This is her site Lizzy Ford Damien’s Assassin
The book is available in multiple formats compatible with the Kindle, Nook, Sony ereader, and Apple products. It is also available in RTF and PDF for download. On her site she says that it will take about two weeks for it to reach iBook, Barnes and Nobles, etc.
Please check her out. It’s well worth the read.

Edited to add:  I don’t personally know Lizzy Ford and I wasn’t asked  to write this. I stumbled upon her work through a google search awhile back. I genuinely like her work and just wanted to share.

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