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Eww. No. Not like that. Geez put your clothes back on. I was talking about your blog, pervs. The other day I was thinking how much I love blogging and also how much I love making money. I mean who doesn’t. You can buy nice shiny pretty things with money. So I was wondering if it were possible to combine my two […]

Now those of you who follow me on Twitter may be slightly confused as to why I have this listed. You may even have read some of my tweets, but appearances can be deceiving because I have no clue how to work Twitter. You see all of those pretty tweet tweets are automatic. I don’t have to actually DO anything. […]

I am super excited about finding the A-Z Challenge for April. You post everyday except Sundays and each day is themed around a letter in the alphabet. There are more than 600 people already signed up to participate. Arlee from Tossin’ It Out is host. This is the second or third year he has done the challenge I am not sure […]

This is the conversation I just had with my 5 yr old niece: Niece: “Where is Uncle Shahjee’s channel?” “His what?” Niece:”The channel. You know Uncle Shahjee’s channel. He wants it and told me to bring it to him.” For 30-45 secs I ran through my head all the possibilities I could think of that she might be saying, but […]

An inexpensive but extremely effective way of advertising is to submit your business url to a business web directory. Making customers aware of your product is sometimes more important than having the best quality product available on the market. Even if your prices are lower than your competitors, it does you little good if no one knows your business exists. […]

Many of the writing blogs and sites I have visited lately talk a lot about “finding your voice”. This is strange I didn’t realize I needed a “voice” in writing, but after reading the obvious, it does make sense. I definitely think it is something I need to work on. I know my writing is “good” but not “great”. I […]

I recently stumbled upon Tossing It Out. He is having an A-Z challenge for the month of April. It seemed fun and exciting so I joined up. Then today he passed  this lovely on to me: I am suppose to tell 3 truths and 1 lie. You have to guess the lie: I have 2 cats. I speak, read, and […]

I am not sure which I am at the moment. Whichever suffered the most pain I guess. I think I broke my toe last night or at least stubbed it back up to my ankle. I wish I had some heroic tale of rescuing baby kittens from a tree, but no I could not be that lucky. I had just […]

My sleep was interrupted this morning by falling plaster. I was actually sleeping which is something I don’t do often. I think the earth took offense to that and ever so slightly jiggled itself beneath me. It knew it wouldn’t take much because I am a light sleeper. The sound in my own dreams wakes me up at times. So […]

Trying to be aware of current events while being overseas is not easy. The news is often delayed or censored. A lot of USA/UK news agencies are banned. I have my ways of getting around this ban, and no I am not sharing how, but one so called “news story” that I keep seeing is about Charlie Sheen. At first […]