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Zabardast means excellent/awesome/amazing in Urdu The last post!Whew! I made it! I can’t believe this month has ended. It seems only yesterday I was admitting to my addictions and today I am writing about the zabardast time I had. I would like to thank Arlee, Alex, and all of the other hosts for making this such an amazing event. I […]

Hello. My name is Dafeenah and I am a cheater. It’s so good to finally get that off my chest. I was so proud of myself for actually posting on time throughout the entire month. Even if it meant having to schedule some posts, still I got them in all on time until yesterday. My MIL and SIL went out […]

Twinkle twinkle broken star  How I wish to be where you are Up beyond the tortured night Forgotten and lost Beneath your beauty shining bright I beg of you deny me not And grant this wish I wish tonight Take me up to where you are And change me into A beautiful bright shining star When I was little, my […]

This is my third week participating in the Indie Ink Writing Challenges. There are some amazingly talented writers there. This week I received my challenge from Andrea. My challenge was “you’re 12 and got the task at school to write about your family”. I challenged Leah and you’ll be able to read her reply at her blog here.Your feedback is […]

I am not quite sure what U word I would have posted about, but considering I have been unable to work for the last 10 hrs unhappy seems to be the appropriate choice. Well, the family friendly choice at least. We’re going into the summer season here. June, July, and August are the 3 hottest months of the year. Temperatures […]

 In my profession, I wear many hats. Some out of necessity and others voluntarily. The majority of my daily work consists of reading books that have been translated into English by others. The main things I edit are grammar and spelling mistakes, but more importantly, word choice. Choosing the wrong word can alter the entire meaning of the sentence and […]

Someone thinks I am stylish! Mercy, you may know her from Mercy’s World, but what you might not know is that she has a secret identity called Rogue who writes by night and is a slammin’ cook by day. Well Mercy a.k.a. Rogue gave me this lil lovely right here.  Hee hee! I have been called many things in my […]

I love roller coasters. The faster, the higher, the more dangerous they are, the more I love them. I am certain Freud would have a field day with that because “roller coaster” is the perfect example of my life. It takes twists and turns when I least expect it. I never know when the drop is coming, but I know […]

If this is your first time going across the pond, then you can read the trip guidelines here. If you don’t want to take the trip then you can have some biscuits and wait in the Q with the Sabzi Wala.  Because of the A-Z Challenge I hadn’t really done an “official” Across the Pond post although a few of […]

This is for the weekly Indie Ink writing challenge. This week I was challenged by an extremely talented writer alyssa at alyssagoesbang. I have to admit I cheated just a teensy bit on this challenge. The challenge was to look to my LEFT and write about the first blue thing I saw, but to my left is a wall that […]