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Living overseas, I have learned that things don’t always have the same meaning over here as they do back home. Sometimes it’s the oddest things that will have a total opposite meaning here. This is what I learned just the other day when my husband came home and said, “Cook this for me. I want to see how it tastes.”  […]

June 22nd Indie Support Day To find out more about Indie Support Day and how you can support an Indie author/musician/filmmaker visit Tamworth Grice’s blog, Griceland. In honor of  Indie Support Day  I am excited to share with you an amazingly talented Indie writer who not only can scare the socks off of you but make you laugh while he’s […]

Teralyn over at A Writer’s Journey is having a blogfest and I could not pass up the opportunity to play. The challenge for this blogfest was to pick your top five favorite books and write one line of what each book is about and one line about why you liked it. I don’t know how well I will stick to […]

http://indiedesignz.blogspot.com/ I am so totally pimping myself out today which is not something I am good at. I always feel a little dirty and cheezy whenever I do stuff like this especially considering how lazy and off topic I have been about posting this month. Usually Lizzy does this for me. She is a good pimp and an even better […]

no this is not me I often wonder about what it will be like that first moment. So many years have passed and living overseas has changed me so much. I wonder if there will be that connection between us. If the things I taught to them when they were little will still be buried away somewhere within theirselves or […]

These are my absolute favorite posts to write. I feel like a big time journalist who is getting the insider info on the writing world’s up and coming new writers. I have met some absolutely fabulous writers since starting this weekly post and I hope you all have enjoyed them as much as I have. This week is a bit […]

It’s Monday so you know what that means. It’s Indie Ink writing time. I suddenly feel like PeeWee Herman just said the word of the day and I should scream or something lol. When I first saw this week’s challenge, I was a bit stumped. It was simple but yet not so I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with […]

As his fingertips slide across my skin, I close my eyes. I should enjoy this, right? I mean this is a part of marriage. It’s what married people do, and they enjoy it. Then why do I find myself praying for it to be over with as quickly as possible every time his lips reach for mine? I try closing […]

With the upcoming summer holidays, I thought I would rearrange my blogging schedule. So I have done away with Saturday Spotlight and it has been renamed Writer Spotlight so that I can move it to a different day. Most likely it will be every Wednesday of each week, but since my internet wasn’t working at the beginning of the week […]

Ordinarily I have my Indie Ink writing challenge up by Monday, but apparently the bloggy gods decided that I needed a bit of  bloggy break. On Monday I participated in Alex’s blogfest, but before I could visit everyone my internet decided to go on sabbatical and stayed there for the next 24 hrs. Then when it finally decided it was […]