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One of the things I have missed the most this summer is my Writer Spotlight. I always enjoy finding new books and meeting all of the up and coming new authors. Then when they are famous I can brag about how I had them on my blog way back when. So today I am handing my blog over to T.P. […]

One of the things we love to eat is achar (pronounced uh-char). Basically it’s pickled something. Whether it’s mangoes, lemons, vegetables, eggplant, or chilies , we have it at every meal. Everyone else prefers aam ka achar (pickled mango), but I prefer the chili achar. The mango has this bittery sweet taste that I just can’t quite get around. Instead of […]

Just thought I would share with you all my latest creation. Would love your thoughts and feedback. From the synopsis, this seems like it is going to be another great creation from Lizzy. It should be available for free download in about two weeks. You can find Lizzy at her site, Guerilla Wordfare, or click the links in my sidebar […]

Times are tough for everyone these days. When I was growing up, it wasn’t much different then than it is now. We pinched pennies, traded aluminum cans, and old bottles and reused whatever we could in as many creative ways as possible. I think this has a lot to do with how I am today. I can do without a lot […]

The glow of the computer monitor is the only light in the house. Every one is fast asleep. The only sound is the crickets who are singing their nighttime lullabies. In the silence and the darkness, I take a moment to look back. To look at where I have come from, where I am now, and how far I have […]

Hello. Remember me? Yes I know it’s been awhile. Although considering I have new followers even in my absence I think I might take more blogcations. It seems you all like me better when I am quiet than when I am talking your ear off. I do have some future ideas and I do promise to get back into the […]

I know I have been scarce. Who am I kidding? I have been comatose the last month, but I am taking a much needed break. I have so much going on outside of blogsphere. If I even attempted to add blogging to it, then most likely I would end up in a padded cell somewhere. Although a padded cell does […]