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While I’ve been bit of a slacker in the platform building campaign, I have managed to meet a few fellow campaigners. I’m hoping that in the upcoming weeks I’ll be able to meet ‘n’ greet a bit more than I have in the last few weeks. However, I did meet a couple of nice people already and one of them […]

The harsh reality pointed its taunting finger at her as the beautiful poison of doubt crept through her veins. Entertaining itself by ravaged her from within. Consuming her until there was nothing left, but a faint whisper of what she use to be. I wonder what will become of her. If she will simply vanish into the night or if […]

Indie Designz has a growing collection of  online fantasy books by up & coming Indie writers. We add to our collection on a regular basis so make sure to visit often to see what new fantasies we’ve discovered. Ebook downloads available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and eReader. Click images below to open download links. All links open in new […]

I am just in awe right now. I don’t have words to describe this amazing site that I came across. It’s called Be Enough and if you haven’t checked them out then you must. RIGHT. NOW. They are empowering people to just be enough, to learn to love and forgive yourself for all of your flaws, but most importantly they […]

So this is my official first post for my new blog.  How do you like my new digs? Snazzy, huh? After I launched my Indie Designz, I decided to take the plunge and figure out wordpress. It was no easy task but I think I have managed to get most of it figured out. I imported all of my posts […]

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If you don’t know who Lizzy Ford is, then go ahead and visit her about me page or her website Guerilla Wordfare. No it’s ok I’ll wait. It is important you are fully indoctrinated before you venture further. Lizzy is a best selling self published authors, and her books are some of the best I have ever read. I am […]

Her cries pierce the darkness. Through the blackened halls, she wanders and calls their names, but only the silence replies to her. Confused, she searches their hiding places. Calling them as she travels from room to room. The panic in her voice growing as she finds nothing but emptiness in their usual hiding places. She cannot understand why they do […]

So I can’t believe I actually went and did this but I am known for my impulsive decisions. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (is that how you write it if not you know what I mean). I’ve been working on my memoir/biography/I need to get this out of me so I can write about other things book. The problem is […]