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After mawordpress better than bloggerking the switch from wordpress to blogger I’ve had quite a few people ask me why I switched and which I prefer. For me, there was not a whole lot of thought put into it. I started my own cover design business, bought a domain, and therefore the logical decision was to move my blog to my domain. By having my blog on my domain, it helps to drive traffic to my main site which ultimately is what pays my bills and lets me eat occasionally. So basically my love of all things peanut butter and chocolate was the driving force in my switch from blogger to wordpress. However now that I’ve been using wordpress for all of about two weeks I feel I’m now expert enough to share my wisdom with you so that you can make the decision for yourself whether or not to switch from blogger to wordpress.

I must admit I have had a tremendous amount of help from a secret IT guru, who btw is doing several series on SEO and how to market yourself on twitter and facebook make sure to check him out, too. Thanks to his wonderful help I have fallen madly in love with wordpress. If you’re an author, designer, insert business here person, then wordpress is DEFINITELY  the way for you to go. It takes a bit of setting up and installing some extras, but they’re super simple to install (if I can figure it out trust me you can too). Then once you get your extras installed all of your SEO work is done for you, and the reason you want that is to get into google so people can find you. While I do a tremendous amount of advertising, it is impossible for me to email, tweet, send, talk to every single person out there. There are untold amounts of people searching for stuff via google every nano second of the day. If you want google to know you exist, then you need to speak google’s language and fortunately wordpress acts like a translator between you and google.

Every time I make a post, I also make a landing page. For the most part, my followers probably don’t know these pages even exist. They don’t show up in my RSS feed if you follow me, they don’t get posted on my Facebook, or any other place I post blog links, they are strictly there for people who are searching google to find and maybe will be interested enough in what I said to visit my main cover design site and hopefully become a client. This is all done by the way of a nifty little trick my IT guru taught me. If you’re interested in all of these super spiffy wordpress plug-ins check out his post on must have wordpress plug-ins.
By far the biggest difference I have seen between blogger and wordpress is that in blogger everything is pretty much done for you. For example, you see those spiffy buttons at the end of each of my posts that let you share this with your friends on Facebook, twitter, etc. Well Blogger puts that there for you. WordPress you have to install a plug in but once you install that plug in you’re done. It does all of the work for you and automatically puts those little buttons on every post.

So then the big question; Which is better? I would say that depends on the needs of the person. Asking which is better is like asking someone why they prefer coca cola over pepsi (pepsi rules btw lol). However from an SEO and marketing POV I definitely have to say wordpress does have some major advantages over blogger. WordPress also has a larger variety in templates. Take my blog template for example. It’s a free wordpress theme. All I did was add my custom header just like you can do in blogger, but the rest of the template I added in pretty much the same way you change your blogger template.

Would I ever tell someone they MUST switch?Absolutely not. If you’re happy with blogger, then stay there. If you’re happy with wordpress, good for you. It really is just an individual choice on what works best for you and you’re not at any real disadvantage by using one or the other. The ONLY time I would say to someone “choose wordpress over blogger” is in regards to the SEO. In my experience and based upon my limited knowledge (which mostly comes from google), wordpress is definitely ahead of blogger in this aspect. I’m not an expert and definitely don’t know all there is to know about blogger or wordpress. This is just what I’ve seen so far.

That’s my two cents. Not that you asked for it but you got it anyways lol. I hope that helped to answer some questions. If I didn’t cover something or you need help with blogger or wordpress, then feel free to contact me and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions if I can.


Updated to add this note: Thanks to Bev who asked a super awesome question I’m updating this post to add if you do switch from blogger to wordpress there is handy dandy plug in called blogger import that imports all of your posts, comments, pictures, categories/labels/tags etc. The ONLY thing it didn’t import for me was followers. If you go back through my archives you’ll find ALL of the posts, comments etc that were made on my original Dafeenah blog at blogger. I simply imported everything over here.

Also there’s those buttons I mentioned earlier. Go ahead and click one. You know you want to !! 

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  1. Matt says:

    Who is this secret it guru you speak of???

  2. You’re absolutely right – Pepsi rules! (Though actually, I’m a Mountain Dew girl myself. Do not you, if you want to keep limbs intact, get in between me and my morning Dew.)

    It’ll take a little getting used to, but I think I like your new “digs.” My main question is, what happens to your existing content, blog posts, comments, page count, and all the other goodies?

    • Dafeenah says:

      Thanks Bev that is a super awesome question and I totally forgot to mention it. I updated my post to add it in but you can import everything basically except followers so you don’t lose ANYTHING..

      Mountain Dew is a definite second for me too although lately I’ve been laying off soda however I’ll run you over for some pomegranite juice. Everyone here knows to NOT touch the bottle in the fridge. If you want some I will buy you some but you do NOT touch mine hahahaha.

  3. So what happens, Dafeenah, with followers? I have both email and google followers. How do we take them with us?
    Thanks for your thoughts and the SEO info. You would think that Blogger, being a Google account, would do the SEO well too.

    • Dafeenah says:

      Well what I did was just tell my followers about moving and they would have to update the link so they receive updates from this blog in their google reader. I also added the follow me tab on the right hand side so people can follow via email, rss, FB or twitter. If there was one con then I’d have to say this would be it. If you’re not monetizing your blog or have a major following of 1000’s then you’ve obviously done something right and I wouldn’t consider moving. If something is working, then there is no reason to change it, but for someone like me who’s looking to utilize my blog as a way to increase traffic to my main site, then the pros definitely have outweighed the cons. I know I’m going to lose some followers (hopefully not too many though) but I’ll be able to increase my site traffic which buys me chocolate and everyone knows how essential chocolate is to life lool.

  4. jeremy bates says:

    i missed the pay it forward hop, so coming fashionably late to say hello! nice to meet you 🙂

    PS: have you read anything about the new blogger dynamic templates?? right now there’s not many options to customize, but they look like they have a lot of potential………

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