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Before I begin my Friday writing prompt I’d like to announce the winners of my first ever Indie author’s contest.The grand prize winner who’ll get their choice of a full service formatting package or full service cover package is drum roll please….

JR Tomlin

The two runners-up who’ll get their to choose one from my formatting services are

C.S. Splitter and Mary

I’ll be contacting you all in the next day or so to get your details about your prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated.


This week’s cool blue writing prompt was about dreams. How a person can have dreams for their own self, for their city, community, country, planet and humanity as a whole. Until recently I didn’t really have any dreams. I didn’t dream of being anything and I didn’t have any hope that my life would be any diferent than it was. The darkness that surrounded me and blinded me was thick and consumed me in ways I didn’t know was possible. My life was about survival, and in may ways it’s still about survival, but now I have a destination in mind. I’m no longer surviving from one moment to the next. Battling the monster in front of me and then waiting to see which new monster will appear before me.

I’m charging forward. I finally believe that I can be more than what the toxic people around me have told me I am. I finally have  a dream, a vision of the person that I want to be. Not only do I have  that vision, but I have a plan for obtaining my vision. It’s been hard trying to navigate the new terrority I seem to find myself in. I’ve never believed I had any value or worth. I never believed I could contribute positively to the society around me. I never believed that I could be “somebody”. That I am somebody. It’s been a very rough few last weeks. I’ve changed much and I have a long way to go still. As my dreams for myself change, so do the ones for those around me. I want to share with others the important lessons that I’ve learned. I want toshine a little light on those who live in the darkness.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Lizzy Ford says:

    I believe in you. 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    Ooo! Thank you, Dafeenah! Yea!

    Sorry you’ve had a rough few weeks. Hope you shed the toxic folks. and yes, you can be more than what they say. I believe in you, too.

  3. I’ve admired her work for a while now and I am SUPER excited to be working with Dafeenah.


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