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ebook formattingAwhile ago I started talking about how to use html to enhance your ebook formatting. But as usual life and business and a server move took over and I’ve kinda let that series fall to the side. I thought today I’d pick it back up again to show you some of the more advanced formatting that you can do using HTML.

While you want to allow your readers to choose the main body text according to their own ereader and personal preference, you can get a bit creative with the headings and title page. But embedding fonts in a mobi file hasn’t always been easy or even an option in some cases.

One way you can do this however is with jpg images. Even if you’re not a photoshop expert, you can still create some unique and eyecatching chapter headings using pretty much any photo editor that you have, GIMP, Paint, whatever. Just be sure to set the resolution to around 300. Also I’d recommend using GIF images for plain text. This can help to reduce some of the glare and compression when images get resized on various screens but JPG works just as well.

You can view a sample of some of the enhanced formatting I did for Cheryl Bradshaw in her,

I Have a Secret (A Sloane Monroe Novel, Book Three)” mystery novel.

I created a unique title page and chapter headings.

I use Dreamweaver for my HTML editor but you can use whatever HTML editor that you like. To achieve the effect, simply create your jpg images and insert them in your document. Now I use Calibre to convert my HTML files to mobi files so if you use a different method then this might not work exactly for you. This is just how I do it.

After inserting all of the images, I have to go back through and insert a few lines of invisible code in the HTML so my table of contents will pick it up and people will be able to easily navigate through the books.

<p class=”chapter” style=”display:none”>ChapterOne</p>

By inserting this code right in front of the image, it allows me to create the table of contents easily with the Calibre software. And by using the “display:none” the text won’t appear within the ebook itself. This is a great way to add some flare to your ebooks.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. What extras do you add to your ebooks?

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