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Most of the cover designers I work with and know do have their prices listed but I also know quite a few that don’t. This is something that is difficult for people to understand I think. Why don’t we list our prices or why do we ask a ton of questions when all you want to know is how much does an ebook cover cost?

What most people don’t realize is freelance graphic designers base their prices on a variety of things, such as time, complexity of design and cost of materials. That is why we have to ask a bunch of questions before committing to a price. It isn’t that we’re trying to intentionally be evasive.

In reality, we’re trying to save you money. By knowing as much info as we can prior to beginning we can figure out about how much time and cost it’ll take for your project based on past experiences. There are lots of little things that we have to figure into the cost of a  cover. Things you may not even realize like images, fonts, brushes, design software, or even rent if you’re working out of an office instead of working out of your home. All of these “unseen” factors play a part in determining the price and that’s why most designers either don’t list prices or only list base prices.

But it’s important authors or anyone in search of a graphic designer realize that every  designer is different. So if you find one that doesn’t seem like a good fit, then it’s best to keep searching. That way you don’t waste your time or the designer’s time. One way of knowing if a designer might be a good fit is to look over their portfolio and then check out their base price list. Most cover designers have their covers listed with the authors name. You can contact those authors for a recommendation. Ask them about their experiences with the designer and if they’d work with the designer again. A cover designer’s portfolio can provide you with a vast amount of information beyond what type images they design.


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  1. Makes sense to me. Each design is different.

    • Dafeenah says:

      Exactly. One might take half an hour but another might take two days. So it really depends on what the person wants.

  2. Mary says:

    Makes sense. If the author provides the stock art or doesn’t, that would affect price.

    • Dafeenah says:

      I also have a stock image gallery that I take from as well so there are lots of little things that affect the rate we quote. I know most designers try their best to make the most reasonable quote possible which is why we try to find out before hand what the author is looking for so we can quote appropriately instead of getting in the middle of it and realizing we under quoted and the price is going to be more. Which is never a good thing.

  3. Jay Noel says:

    Unless it’s a pre-made cover, I don’t see how it’s possible to give upfront pricing right away for a custom one.

    • Dafeenah says:

      It’s very difficult to give little more than an estimate upfront, but you’d be surprised how many emails I get from people wanting to know how much it will cost for an ebook cover and then get upset when I start asking questions to determine what they need. In their minds, they’re just asking for a price but it’s not always that simple.

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