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When you  convert your ebook with Calibre to epub, there’s a little trick to getting your epub ebook cover sized properly. While it’s not absolutely necessary, it does help to give your ebook a more professional looking appearance. Without knowing what little box to tick most likely your cover ends up looking something like this:

epub conversion

Now granted this doesn’t look too bad, but with some covers it can really stretch them out until they’re almost unrecognizable. So how can you fix it so your epub cover looks more like the ones in your kindle ebooks? Very simple when you’re converting your ebook using Calibre, first you need to click on the epub output tab.(It’s in the red circle in the image below)

ebook conversion softwareWhen you click on that a new window will pop up that looks something like this (see pic below). When it does make sure the box beside the preserve cover ratio is checked. The box is located in the upper right corner. By default this is automatically unchecked so you need to go in and click on it so that it’ll keep your ebook cover sized proportionately.

calibre ebook converter

And that’s it. Your ebook cover will now be its normal size and not stretched out the way it was in the first image. Now it should look more like what you automatically get when converting to mobi. This only applies when converting to epub. If you’re converting to mobi, your ebook cover is automatically sized.

epub ebooks

(Thanks to Cheryl Bradshaw. I used her ebook “Whispers of Murder” for this. It’s available on Amazon)

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