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So as per usual my poor blog has been ignored of late. I always have good intentions and have several tutorials planned but the days seem to end before I can get my entire to do list finished. If only that pesky sleeping and cooking for my family wouldn’t get in my way I might get more accomplished. So here’s a couple book cover designs I did this week.¬† I’ve also included the book info so it’s a little less shameless self promotion and makes it seem I’m promoting the authors. ūüėõ

book cover designs

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Return to Rhonan – Book One (Lords of Rhonan)

A Sensual Paranormal Romance.  

The Scottish Highlands.
  Secret lovers Muriall
Mondell and Lord Duncan of Rhonan fight for the lives of evicted tenants.

Lord Maximillian, member of the infamous Hell Fire Club preys on
young women to take¬†part in rituals. His intent is to conjure a demon – the prize Muriall’s soul.

Present day:  New York.  American psychotherapist Jessica McGregor dreams are haunted by the  lovers of two hundred years ago.

Jess travels to Scotland in search of them. Drawn by the ruined
castle in the grounds, she books into the ghostly Rhonan Manor Hotel.

Shocked, she recognizes the owner of the hotel, the brooding Lord Douglas of
Rhonan as the dream lover.  He refuses to believe the Manor is haunted.

Deep in the bowels of the ruined castle, a demon gathers strength.  She might never leave. 
The jaws of the abyss are open.


horror ebooksComing Soon in October

Visit the author’s website for details and info on its release

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  1. I like the second one a lot – very cool!

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