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How To Stop Paying Your Mortgage Without Leaving Home

This just published e-book reveals the dirty little secrets of the real estate industry. This is not your grandfather’s guide to realty transactions; it’s a potent tool to slay the zombie monsters created by big-government regulation, big-bank manipulation, and above all the big complacent ignorance that keeps people in chains.

When did the dream house turn into a debtors’ prison? When did “buying land” start to mean, “going underwater?” Once upon a time in America, keeping up with the Joneses used to mean every family could own their own home free and clear. As time went on, people started buying younger and younger, they invested less and less up front, they wanted more and more built-in conveniences, and they extended their mortgages longer and longer. Before the next generation could realize it, they had become lifetime slaves in homes that were their own and yet not their own. That’s the thirty- and forty-year mortgage; a lifetime career of indentured servitude.

Find out how to make your home your own castle once again! Read “HOW TO STOP PAYING YOUR MORTGAGE WITHOUT LEAVING HOME” today and learn how people like you are already exerting their nonpayment rights from the comfort of their own homes!

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