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I’m excited to share with everyone a new service I’ll be offering. I’ve started a new premium premade ebook cover selection. The premades in this group will be slightly more than my normal premades and the prices per cover will vary depending upon the amount of work that went into them. I don’t know how many I’ll have in this […]

Being a self published author usually means you’re on a tight budget. While it has been said numerous times, just because you “can” design your own cover doesn’t mean you “should”, there are some people out there who have the ability to design a decent cover for themselves. However handing over $300+ for a software program plus all the doodads […]

Here is one of my latest premade ebook covers. It could be used for paranormal or urban fantasy. With a few tweaks even thriller or horror. This one is kinda specific in character but I don’t like doing template looking premade covers. I like my premades to have more of a custom feel to them. It’s sort of my time […]

Here are a few of the cover designs from the last few weeks. I’m behind on my updating. Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon. You can view more at my Deviants Art page or my website.  As of the publishing of this post, I’m not taking new clients until April 2013. I’ve got a full schedule at the moment. Especially […]

With more and more authors designing their own covers, it’s even more important they understand their rights as well as the rights of the image holder/photographer. An easy way is to just get your photos for the cover art at a stock photo site such as Big Stock, Fotolia, or Deposit Photos. They have various license you can purchase and […]

Picking the proper font for your book cover is as important as picking the proper image. Font tells the genre and theme of the book as much if not more than the image itself. Fonts can even be directed towards a specific audience. If your book’s audience is mostly women, then you’d most likely use a different font than if […]

Below are a few of the new young adult premade ebook covers added to my covers gallery. I’m always adding new premades as they sell. Even though they’re “premade” I don’t use template designs. Most of my premades are just ideas I get when seeing an image or a draft I didn’t use previously. Once the premade is sold I […]

Social media marketing and networking can be extremely confusing and difficult when you’re first trying to figure it all out. At least it was for me when I first started. I’m no SEO guru. But I’m fortunate to have a friend who is and he’s given me some outstanding advice and tips over the years. He also doesn’t mind if […]

If you know you’re going to want your book in both print and ebook, there is a simple method which will allow you to convert your ebook quickly and efficiently. And it’s something you most likely know how to do but just didn’t realize how much easier it’d make your formatting, and that is paragraph styles. (see screenshot below for […]

I’m excited to share with you the new cover for Frankie Rose’s upcoming YA dystopia novel, Raksha. It’s set for publication on March 1st 2013. AUTHOR BIO Frankie Rose was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives with her husband in sunny Australia. She officially makes things up for a living, and when she’s not doing that, she is generally making paper birds […]