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Picking the proper font for your book cover is as important as picking the proper image. Font tells the genre and theme of the book as much if not more than the image itself. Fonts can even be directed towards a specific audience. If your book’s audience is mostly women, then you’d most likely use a different font than if you were trying to target a male only audience. If a font is done well, then most of the time you don’t even notice it. It blends seamlessly with its background and becomes part of the image.

It’s mainly when fonts aren’t done well that you notice them. Typography is an artform in itself. Even the best of image designers can have trouble with typography. When you’re choosing a font for you ebook, browse through the best seller lists in your genre. See how they use fonts in their images. This is one of the easiest ways to get ideas on what fonts would look best for your ebook.

Like most other designers, I have my own list of favorites. These are the first fonts I normally attempt to use. If they don’t work then I’ll look for something else. But even if I don’t use these fonts in particular I’ll use one from these family of fonts (ie one that has a similar look and appearance). Click on the font names to download them. Trajan is available at Adobe but the others are available free at Fontsquirrel.

When you’re downloading fonts for your ebook, you do want to be sure there is a commercial license use available on the font. Just because a font is free for download doesn’t necessarily mean you can use it on your ebook. Even if it doesn’t say it’s available for commercial use, normally if you email the designer they’ll sell you a license quite cheaply. So just be sure to double check before you download.

3 Great Fonts for Your Book Cover:

Trajan Pro— I use this font a lot not just for book covers, but also for chapter headings inside the book. It’s a clean, streamlined font with strong features.  And if it looks familiar to you that’s probably because it’s often used on movie posters.

book cover fonts


League Gothic— This font works well on thrillers or nonfiction, professional books and is available free. (image source)

fonts for book covers


ChunkFiveThis font can work on numerous genres and is available for free.



Have you used any of these? If not, then What is your favorite font?

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