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 This month I’ve done a lot of formatting so not many new covers to share. But I did want to share with you one of my latest covers that I did. I recently formatted and did cover designs for two books for indie author, Stan Schatt. He had written a MG novel with his grandson and a mystery/thriller novel on his own. I did the cover designs and formatted the interior for both books.

Stan posted about his experience with me (and Indie Designz). I found it interesting as I know a lot of authors wonder if it’s less expensive to hire someone or to just use the services offered by Createspace.

Not only did Stan find it less expensive but had more choices regarding interior fonts and cover design. If you’re an indie author wondering whether or not to hire a professional or to try to DIY it I’d recommend reading Stan’s experience then figuring out what will work best for you.

There are tons of professionals out there I’m  certain you’d be able to find someone that would fit into your budget.

cover designs

For more info on Stan and his books, you can follow him at his website.


cover designs

For more info follow her at the official Dianne Emley website


Some books I’ve formatted this month:

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  1. Looking good, D. Haven’t visited in a long time, but love these covers.

  2. Journey’s cover is really cool!

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