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Book Spotlight: Ariel Rising by AJ and CS Sparber Title:   Ariel Rising Author:  AJ and CS Sparber Published:  October 30th, 2015 Publisher:  Mind’s Eye Press Genre:  YA Paranormal Recommended Age:  14+ Synopsis: My dreams were simple. College, a career, and let’s see what happens from there. But things don’t always go according to plan. My name is Ari Worthington and […]

  Book Spotlight: Persephone & Me by Corinne Desjardins Title:  Persephone & Me Author:   Corinne Desjardins Published:  December 10th, 2013 Genre:  Women’s Poetry Recommended Age:  16+ Synopsis: A poetry collection following my youthful fascination with Persephone and how she came to haunt me. I saw her constellation of characters within my own family and my own life. Ultimately, describing what […]