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Boxed sets seem to be the new thing of late. I’ve done several. This one I just finished a few days ago. It’s already available on Amazon. Hope you enjoy! New Creative Fiction Boxed Set: Days and Nights in Arabia by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Available on Amazon This is the eBook “boxed” set of three books set in Qatar, the kidney […]

I finished this cover last month but it was just recently released. I haven’t read it yet but am looking forward to. It’s written in the vain of the old “Goosebumps” style books. Those were some of my favorite books as a kid so it was really fun to work on this.   New Vampire Book Cover Design for Kids […]

I don’t get to do many historical covers so it was fun to work on this one. New Historical Book Cover Design: The High Point History Series: American History: 1754 – 1945 (Volume 1) Available on Amazon Thomas Paine once said, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” That indeed was true of the American people’s struggle for […]

Title:   A Heart That Breaks the Soil Author: Monica Lee Published:  September 2013 Word Count:  95,000 Genre:  Contemporary Fiction Synopsis: Mandy held on to hope that her husband and her situation would change as she tried to honour her commitment despite all signs pointing to this being an unworkable marriage.  A Heart That Breaks the Soil takes you across the […]

  Title:  Dragonfly Author:  Ronnell D. Porter Published:  October 21st, 2013 Word Count:  103,000 Genre:  Mystery/Thriller Content Warning:  Contains graphic violence, adult sexual material and themes Recommended Age:  18+     Synopsis: On the nights when 22-year-old Jessica Parker dreams, she relives one hellish memory—the day she was viciously raped in the woods by a man with a dragonfly tattoo. […]

This cover isn’t necessarily “new”.  Since I was off for almost three weeks in November, I’m farther behind on reveals than I usually am. So I thought I’d just start at the beginning and keep going until I get them all up. Eventually maybe I’ll get caught up. New Cover Design: Sloane Monroe Series Boxed Set by Cheryl Bradshaw Available […]

Book Spotlight: Mystical High by Lisette Brodey   Title:  Mystical High Author:  Lisette Brodey Published: October 7th, 2013 Publisher: Saberlee Books Word Count:  72,700 Genre:  YA Paranormal Content Warning:  Mild sexual content and non-gratuitous profanity Recommended Age:  14+ Synopsis: In Mystekal, a small, dying town in the Southern California desert, only 75 students attend the old, sometimes creepy high school […]

Title:  The Confessions of Sylva Slasher Author:  Ace Antonio Hall Published:  April 14th, 2013 by Montag Press Word Count:  84,000 Genre: YA Horror Recommended Age:  12+ Synopsis: SPRING BREAK GETS WILD ON THE LIVELIEST CRUISE IN THE PACIFIC UNTIL THE UNDEAD CRASH THE PARTY. Eighteen-year-old Sylva Fleischer and her friends raise the dead for a living for police investigations and […]

I’m excited today to be participating in this Scavenger Hunt for Severed Colours by Dawna River. I’ve waited all week to be able to share this with you all. It sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy. And if you’re missing any keywords, you can go back to the start blog at any time to revisit […]

Fantasy Premade Ebook Cover 043 Price: $75 Ebook cover only/ $125 Full print wrap New fantasy premade ebook cover; could also work great for dystopian or sci-fi. If you think this cover is a perfect fit for your book, then send me an email. Premade covers are sold as is on a first come basis. If you would like customizations, […]