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I’m extremely happy to FINALLY be able to share this. Some may know that I work for an overseas publisher. I do translations from Arabic to Urdu and Urdu to English. My husband and I have been working for them for about five years now. In the beginning my husband and I pretty much did everything for the translations. We […]

Trying to do some updating on my website and redoing my premade ebook covers section. Here are some new ones I just uploaded. Be sure to visit the main page to see if the covers are still available as well as the full gallery of available premade ebook covers. New Young Adult & Romance Premade Ebook Covers      

I saw a link from a friend today in my Facebook newsfeed about how Facebook had changed her email without her permission. So being the nosey concerned friend I am I clicked the link to see what it was all about. Then I went to my own Facebook account and sure enough my email had been changed to. Needless to […]

As a self published author you want to be able to share with your fans more than just your book. And custom print bookmarks allow you to share a bit of the book with your fans and they also make for great advertisements. If a friend or family member sees the new bookmark and wants to know where to get […]

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “what exactly does a book formatter do?”.  So I thought I’d make a post to sort of explain what I do when I format a book and what the client can expect to get when I’m finished. Another reason I thought I’d make this post is authors seem to confuse […]

Even though we read books, magazines, internet, email, etc on a daily basis, there is a lot that goes into the design and layout of writing that most people never realize. And if you never noticed it, then that means the book/layout designer did their job properly. A good book design is one that goes unnoticed. It is one that […]

Because it’s another week of busy busy today is just a share of some of the latest ebook cover designs I’ve done. Both books are due out in the next few weeks make sure to check them out.   futuristic romance by  Lizzy Ford http://www.guerrillawordfare.com short story ebook for Stephen Leather (UK’s No 1 thriller writer)

If you’re a self publishing author, then you know how difficult it can be to make your uploaded ebook look the way it does in your formatted PDF or word document. You quickly realize the best format to upload is a mobi file, but trying to figure out how to convert your word document into a mobi file can seem […]

Even though I offer professional ebook formatting services, I always try to help authors by providing helpful tips and tricks that I’ve learned. I know most self publishing authors are working with a very limited budget, but they still want to produce the best book possible.  Today I’m going to combine my love of books, indie authors, and formatting tips […]

Facebook recently launched their new timeline. Luckily they’ve given you a seven day trial period to let you tweak it to your liking. The great thing about the new timeline is the cover especially if you’re a business or organization. The Facebook Cover can double as a splash page letting people know instantly who you are and what you do. […]