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I’m extremely happy to FINALLY be able to share this. Some may know that I work for an overseas publisher. I do translations from Arabic to Urdu and Urdu to English. My husband and I have been working for them for about five years now. In the beginning my husband and I pretty much did everything for the translations. We […]

Typography is one of the hardest things for self publishing authors to figure out it seems. My blog posts about fonts are the most popular. Authors want to know what is best for print or ebook. However there are some fonts which I’ve been recently asked to use and some of them I absolutely refused to do so. The reason […]

All authors want their books to look the best they can. This is why they hire cover designer, editors, get beta readers, etc. But one place authors sometimes overlook is their book’s interior design. A good interior book design is often unnoticed. That’s how you know it’s a good design. When readers can smoothly read the book from start to […]

Trying to do some updating on my website and redoing my premade ebook covers section. Here are some new ones I just uploaded. Be sure to visit the main page to see if the covers are still available as well as the full gallery of available premade ebook covers. New Young Adult & Romance Premade Ebook Covers      

 This month I’ve done a lot of formatting so not many new covers to share. But I did want to share with you one of my latest covers that I did. I recently formatted and did cover designs for two books for indie author, Stan Schatt. He had written a MG novel with his grandson and a mystery/thriller novel on […]

A few months ago Smashwords started accepting epub files. Since then I’ve seen lots of authors having issues with their epub files. Even though the ebooks look 100% ok in their ereaders, they’re getting rejections from Smashwords filled with lots of weird sounding errors. The reason for this is because Smashwords wants your epub to pass their validator. Different validators […]

Importance of a Properly Edited Manuscript in Formatting Having your manuscript fully edited and proofread before sending to your formatter is extremely important. Especially if it’s formatting for an ebook. Most authors don’t realize ebook formatting is entirely different from print formatting. The majority of ebook formatters use HTML to format because HTML is the best way to ensure a […]

When laying out your book, you have to decide in advance if you want squared off pages or if you want no widows and orphans. But before we get into deciding, let’s talk about what each is. Squared off pages are pretty self explanatory. It just means every page is squared off and level with every other page. Widows and […]

Being a self published author usually means you’re on a tight budget. While it has been said numerous times, just because you “can” design your own cover doesn’t mean you “should”, there are some people out there who have the ability to design a decent cover for themselves. However handing over $300+ for a software program plus all the doodads […]

With more and more authors designing their own covers, it’s even more important they understand their rights as well as the rights of the image holder/photographer. An easy way is to just get your photos for the cover art at a stock photo site such as Big Stock, Fotolia, or Deposit Photos. They have various license you can purchase and […]