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I’m extremely happy to FINALLY be able to share this. Some may know that I work for an overseas publisher. I do translations from Arabic to Urdu and Urdu to English. My husband and I have been working for them for about five years now. In the beginning my husband and I pretty much did everything for the translations. We […]

Getting out there and visiting other blogs is always a good thing for authors to do. However most self publishing authors have a limited amount of time to network and socialize. That’s why it’s important to know which blogs to visit for advice and how to’s when it comes to being a self published author. Below is a list of […]

With more and more authors designing their own covers, it’s even more important they understand their rights as well as the rights of the image holder/photographer. An easy way is to just get your photos for the cover art at a stock photo site such as Big Stock, Fotolia, or Deposit Photos. They have various license you can purchase and […]

Social media marketing and networking can be extremely confusing and difficult when you’re first trying to figure it all out. At least it was for me when I first started. I’m no SEO guru. But I’m fortunate to have a friend who is and he’s given me some outstanding advice and tips over the years. He also doesn’t mind if […]

Ok I’ve become addicted. Now it’s no secret I’m not big on social media. I have a Facebook and twitter presence for my business because in today’s society if you want to succeed, then that’s an absolute must. I’ve never been one to update regularly or interact the way you’re suppose to. I admit it but I’m working on getting […]

Before I get started on my review, today I’m also being featured on another awesome artist’s website. Be sure to head over and check out my interview “Confessions of a Cover Designer” with Tamra. I mentioned yesterday about how I transferred my wordpress blog from my old server to my new one. The reason i decided to move hosting servers […]

Previously I’ve posted various website and Facebook pages that allow authors to “get your brand out there” for free. Another site is fiverr.com. (and yes that’s my profile page and yes I do offer a few things through there in case you were interested) Fiverr isn’t free but each “gig” is only $5. You can pretty much find people willing […]

I’m going to try to start this Friday Feature where I share writing tips, how to’s etc that I find through out the week. And this one seemed like the perfect post to start with. Lizzy Ford shares some amazing tips for up and coming YA Paranormal and Fantasy authors. She posted 10 of her top writing tips. I’m sharing […]

Whenever I do author interviews, majority say promoting and marketing their books are the most difficult for them to do. This is understandable because there is a fine line between marketing and spam. If you cross that line, then you’re most likely going to be ignored. Below are some great Facebook pages where authors can easily promote their books without […]

I normally do a formatting post on Wednesday, but I tend to get hives whenever I get near schedules so my “schedules” are always subject to change. That’s why today I thought I’d share with you a couple of great sites where you can promote your book. Promotion and marketing are always the hardest things for authors to figure out […]