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 Since I began Indie Designz, this is a question I get asked the most. To be honest, I don’ t have THE answer to this question. It’s important a book cover is clear in its message, easy to read, and makes a connection to the story. HOW they do this is totally up to you. It could be through unique […]

Getting a great book cover design at an affordable price can be difficult. At Indie Designz, we offer the best in book cover design at the lowest prices possible. Our book covers start at only $50.00.Visit my Indie Designz site to view my cover art samples gallery. First drafts are completed within 24-48 hrs and I’ll make as many changes […]

I hope to start having monthly Indie author contests where I’ll be giving away various prizes including cover designs for both ebook and print, book formatting, logos, and a variety of other goodies. For the first Indie Author Contest, there’ll be 3 lucky winners. The grand prize winner will win a full book formatting service package including formatting of their […]

I sort of fell into the world of graphic design by pure chance and a bit of luck. I remarried in 2008 and in 2009, my husband opened his own graphic design business. He mainly worked with businesses designing billboard ads, storefront signs, flyers, posters, and pretty much anything business related. One day I asked him to show me how […]